Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Reasons Why Klout Perks Is a Great Marketing Tool

For those of you who've been here before, you'd recall my doubts and bashing (just a little) of this new social media metric system. But now I am reassured and actually finding myself quite happy with Klout.

Everyone loves to know how well they're doing quantified; whether it be a grade on an exam, business revenue reports, and more, people like to see the results and changes from their efforts. Many may not agree that social media, due to its "social" aspect, should be quantified, as it can never be properly quantified; however, just as psychology or sociology can be quantified through both qualitative and quantitative data, so can social media! You may say that there are a thousand variables and aspects to be taken account of and still it wouldn't be accurate... that's the same as psychology or psychiatry! (Or natural sciences for that matter... but we will not dive into the philosophy of "how we know what we know" right now.)

One of the super cool things happen to be Klout Perks. It is so far the most innovative and effective marketing tool I've seen this year. Here's why:

1. It puts the list of specific target audience straight in your palms
- Since it ranks users in terms of influential scores, topics of influence, social style and etc., Klout can pull up the very specific audience your company wants to target. It gives you how influential an individual is, the topics they are influential about, where they live, and many more. Whether it be mommy bloggers in the field of Food who are influential about #restaurants or #vegan, or students studying in the Boston area influential about #basketball, you name it, they can pull up a list for you.

2. Free Stuff
- Who doesn't like free stuff? Enough said.

3. Not only free, but COOL free stuff.
The Klout perks give out a variety of free things (and events!) ranging from free movie premiers, HP laptops, popchips and a bunch of cool things people would want to get for free!

4. They help cultivate EVANGELISTS!
- Since they help companies give free stuff out to the RIGHT people who are interested, they help companies empower evangelists. For example, a mommy blogger who has been given a free premier to KungFu Panda 2 would be ecstatic! She would bring her family, perhaps her friends' families, enjoy her time here, and tweet about it!

5. Brings themselves business
- Because it has cool free stuff, it helps attract more users = more companies to partner with = more free stuff = the awesome self-sustaining vicious cycle!

Any other reasons why you think Klout Perks are super cool? Do let me know :).


  1. Hey Mazy,

    I'm the Marketing Manager here at Klout and just wanted to say thanks for your post! You've highlighted a lot of the reasons we started the Klout Perks program.


  2. The biggest thing that I believe Klout has over any other quantified social media site is exactly the 5 reasons you stated above. Klout Perks is a great way to rise to the top of the competition of similar types of sites that quantify your influences.

    Klout itself is a great way for companies to look at your social media interests and to market yourself to potential employers. Exactly, how you said that people love to see things quantified, like how I loved to see a good GPA, having a high Klout score means that you are engaged, confident, influential, trend-setting, and up-to-date with the latest in social networking.

    Klout sets the competition and competition is the foundation for business, economics, and growth. Now, people are more engaged then ever, surprisingly over just a number. Definitely has me running for my money.

    Great post!

    -Andrew Yang